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Can You Make My Card Look Like a Varsity Letter Jacket?

A major restaurant chain requested a unique card background, to simulate the wool texture of a school letter jacket, for a new promotion scheduled to launch in one week. Using Allegheny's vast supplier partner network, we were able to locate appropriate materials, qualify them internally, deliver prototype samples for approval in two days and complete the project within the one week time frame required.

Member Identification Card with Enhanced Security Features

A customer was experiencing counterfeit annual member passes that were being offered for sale over the internet. They asked for alternatives to enhance security, within timing and budget constraints. To illustrate options, we produced the sample card pictured that featured numerous security features including micro text, UV responsive blue invisible ink, hologram foil, and a tamper evident signature panel, which served to facilitate a quick resolution.

Unique Holiday Card with Varying Degrees of Sparkle

A customer’s design team was requesting a card with multiple features including a more subtle glitter in the snow area of the background to contrast with the logo, plus a prominent sparkle for the ice skates.  We presented multiple prototype alternatives including a spot screen print pearl in the snow areas and a hot foil stamp for the ice skates.  The customer loved the result and it became one of their most popular holiday designs.

Rush Order to Replenish Player Club Cards

A large Casino had recently redesigned their Player Club Cards and the Programs’ popularity quickly surpassed card volume projections. The buyer contacted Allegheny on a Wednesday to plead: “With the busy Holiday weekend approaching, could Allegheny supply enough cards to get them through the Holiday and then to replenish stock?” Allegheny’s operations team went into action and expedited the custom screen inks required for the four separate designs. Production began Thursday afternoon and we worked through the night to complete the order by late Friday. To ensure delivery to the Casino floor, the Operations Manager personally delivered the initial quantity that evening and the balance of the order shipped the following week.

Restaurant Chain in a Rush

The following case study is just one recent example of how our nimble, cross functional work cell teams respond to a customer need for quicker than normal delivery:

Allegheny was contacted by a customer on a Wednesday morning with an urgent need for cards to be printed, personalized and shipped in two days.  We jumped into action by fast-tracking the card production and data approval processes. This coordination between our card manufacturing and personalization work cell teams resulted in shipping this order faster than requested, in just 36 hours, and delivered for Friday.

Products Used: Promotional Cards
Services Used: Card Production, Personalization and Custom Shipping 

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