Frequently Asked Questions


Are you the manufacturer or do you outsource certain aspects of your production process?
Allegheny prints, manufactures and personalizes our products in house. Unlike many smaller card suppliers, Allegheny’s motto is “One Company, Complete Card Solutions.” We are plastic print, card manufacturing and personalization experts and have invested in all the technology, processes and custom equipment necessary to offer a full array of card products and services from one location. 

I need a gift or loyalty card program with transaction processing services. Can Allegheny do this for me?
Allegheny can certainly produce the cards for you. Card transaction processing is not something Allegheny offers; however, we work with the majority of the card processors and would be happy to refer you to one that fits your needs. 

Is my POS system going to work with cards made by Allegheny?
Allegheny produces cards that conform to ISO standards as well as the personalization specifications of all major card processors. Please provide your processor specifications when placing an order. 

How do I determine card thickness?
If you currently have a card program, please refer to the specifications of your current cards. If you do not have the specifications, you can determine the thickness by measuring with a micrometer. A common credit card conforms to ISO standard thickness of 30 mil +/- 10%. 

We design our own art but I need a product dimensions and an art bleed template; where can I find one?
Our standard product die lines are available here.

What is the best art file type for printing my cards?
If you are uploading artwork such as a business logo or custom design, a vector file is recommended. This will generally be an original design file such as an .EPS, .AI, or even a .PDF saved out of the original design program. Vector files maintain quality at any size.

If you are uploading an image or photo, we recommend locating the largest-size file with the highest-resolution you can find. You can check image resolution by right-clicking on the file name and selecting “Properties.” Under the “Details” tab look for resolution—we recommend at least 300 dpi for 4 color process, 600 ppi for a greyscale image and 1200 ppi for bitmap images.

We can print images in any format, including .JPG, .PSD and .TIF, however please be aware that printing small images at a large size can cause quality issues. We review all files before production and will let you know via an art proof email if there are any issues. For more information, please see our Graphics Guidelines.

Which magnetic stripe do I need on my card?
That will depend on your system. Your POS provider, or door lock system manufacturer for key cards, will be able to tell you.

What is the meaning of HiCo and LoCo?
Short for High or Low Coercivity, HiCo or LoCo relates to the intensity of the electronic process that encodes the magnetic stripe. HiCo magnetic stripes, typically black in appearance, are less prone to erasure. Credit cards, access and ID cards typically use HiCo since these need to last longer and resist wear from repeated swipes. LoCo, often colored brown, are used for short term applications, such as gift cards. 

Do you have product samples? 
We are happy to provide free samples to show the wide variety of print, finish and configuration options we offer.

Placing Your Order

How do I place an order?
Simply sign and return the Artwork Proof Approval form. If it’s your first time ordering from Allegheny, please complete the New Account form. 

Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Allegheny uses offset lithographic printing presses coupled with a highly integrated and automated card manufacturing process.  Because of our large volumes of orders and production work cell structure, Allegheny is unique in that we can cost effectively produce orders as small as 500 cards to more than 5 million cards. Contact us to discuss your quantity requirements.

What is your turnaround time, or how soon can I receive my order?
Allegheny has the fastest turn time in our industry. Our highly automated manufacturing process and work cell philosophy is purposely designed to offer a “What do you need?” turnaround. Although our standard delivery quote is two to three weeks from art approval, we frequently turn orders (many as large 1 million cards) in one week. 

Can you ship my order internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally.

Do you offer blind or drop shipping for Resellers?  
Yes, Allegheny offers blind or drop shipping for its Resellers. When placing your order please specify “Blind Shipping” and enter the address of your customer. If you select blind shipping, your order will be packaged without Allegheny’s logo and return address. We ship the order directly to your customer who will never know that it was shipped from us. 

How do I become a Reseller?
It’s easy to become an Allegheny Reseller. Simply send a message, using the link below, to our Reseller Program Coordinator who will respond promptly. 

Data Personalization

Need More Information?

Contact Allegheny today, we are happy to answer all of your printed plastic project questions! 
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